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Lena Olin was considered to play Catwoman in the 1992 movie, "Batman Returns" before losing out to Michelle Pfeiffer.
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Jennifer Garner first attended Ohio's Denison University as a chemistry major before switching to drama.
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For accuracy's sake, Alias writers have created an internal website filled with both internal and foreign intelligence.
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Marshall likes apple fritters, monkey documentaries, cool sunglasses and inflatable furniture.
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Carl Lumbly's first movie appearance was as an inmate in "Escape from Alcatraz" with Clint Eastwood.
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Rambaldi's middle name is Giacomo.
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Disney's Stage 3, where Alias is shot, is also where "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" was filmed.
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Kevin Weisman is the drummer in a band called Trainwreck.
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Alias guest star Christian Slater is a huge Star Trek fan. He supposedly once shaved his eyebrows like Spock.
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Some props used for Rambaldi artifacts are found at local stores or flea markets, while others are made just for the show.
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Alias creator JJ Abrams wrote the screenplay for Armageddon.
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Bradley Cooper graduated in 1997 from the honors English program and Georgetown University.
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Before Francie was killed and replaced by an evil twin, her favorite singer was Macy Gray.
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Alias shoots at Walt Disney's Stage 3 on the Burbank, CA lot. The stage is equipped with a 3600 square foot underwater tank.
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Carl Lumbly attended Macalester College in St.Paul, MN-same school as Peter Berg (SD-6 Agent Noah Hicks).
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Although it wasn't mentioned last episode, Sydney graduated with a Master's Degree in English.
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