This look is a little bit late, but for Christmas I decided to do this silver & gold glitter gradient manicure. I was inspired by this great metal ombre manicure by Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog.

For my two metals, I used Color Club Gold Glitter and Color Club Silver Glitter.

I applied two coats of Silver Glitter first, then slowly built up Gold Glitter from theĀ  base of each nail. The final result is a very subtle look – the gold I picked is a bit too silver and in daylight it’s hard to see the gold. In indirect light, the gold is more obvious.

This was a fun manicure and I wanted to try it with silver and blue colors for New Year’s. This didn’t really work as well since I used a blue glitter that had a blue tinted base rather than a clear base.

For this look, I used Finger Paint’s Easel-y Entertained and Scandal’s Diamond Pearl.

I wasn’t a fan of the look, but I got a few compliments. Next time I will definitely try this with a clear based blue glitter.

If you have a few glitter polishes, I definitely suggest trying out a manicure like this. They’re very fun and easy to do!